Student’s Responsibilities

Here are some things we expect from all Te Kohanga Students.   Some of these things you do for others and some of these things you do for yourself – they are all designed to make our school a place where we are happy, and where we aim for high expectations in all our endeavours.  Here are your important responsibilities.

  • You have a responsibility to allow others to work without being bothered

This means that you quietly make good use of your time and do not annoy others or go into their personal space.


  • You have a responsibility to try your hardest to learn and to complete your classroom learning.

This means that you do your best with your class assignments and homework, ensuring they are completed using your best effort.


  • You have a responsibility to help make school a good place to be.

This means being thoughtful, respectful, and courteous to others.


  • You have a responsibility to treat all other students and adults with respect.

All adults (Principal, Teachers, Teacher Aides, Office Staff, Volunteers) are treated as equal in our school and students are expected to listen and follow their instructions.


  • You have a responsibility to take care of property

This means that you take care of school property and respect the property of others. If you deliberately break something, you will be asked to pay towards repairing or replacing it.


  • You have a responsibility to come to school and to be on time to every lesson.

This means that you come to school every day, on time, unless you are sick or have a special reason to be absent. When the bell rings you are expected to be lined up quickly, ready for your lesson to begin.


  • You have a responsibility to follow school rules as these are designed to keep you safe.

This means observing all safety, playground, and classroom rules.


  • You have a responsibility to use words and actions that support your classmates.

Swearing, insulting words and violence are not accepted at Te Kohanga School.


  • You have a responsibility to be honest.

Mistakes and errors in judgement happen, and can be quickly fixed if we are honest, accept the consequences and move on with our day.


Mrs Driver