At Te Kohanga School every child is welcome and we relish the opportunities and successes that all students can show in a small school. We are very responsive to all students’ needs and work alongside whānau and specialist teachers/doctors to provide the right level of support and challenge for every child.

Through all our endeavours and interactions with students, teachers, whanāu and support agencies we acknowledge and honour the three principles of the Treaty of Waitangi – partnership, protection and participation. 

The principal, Mrs Driver, is also the school SENCO and has many years experience working with students who need support for a range of needs (physical, emotional, learning and behaviour).  If you have concerns about your child starting at a new school please make an appointment to come in and talk to staff and have a look around our classrooms.

Attached is our Inclusive Practices document which outlines how we include all students in our practice.

Te Kohanga Inclusive Procedures 2022