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Digital Technology is weaved throughout the curriculum at Te Kohanga School. We are well resources with 1:1 Chromebooks in our Year 4-6 class and iPads in our Junior class. Computers are used to enhance learning opportunities, make connections to the outside world and for research. We also use computers for online programmes. These include:

Mathletics for all students – An individualised maths programme

Education Perfect (Te Reo Maori) – A language programme for staff and students in year 4-6

Reading Eggs – a reading and phonics programme for years 1-6

Students in the year 4-6 class have a school email and use the Google Apps for Education as tools to present their learning and create their own digital media.

Junior students are also using iPads and computer programmes based on their individual levels to support their numeracy and literacy learning.

We have TVs with chromecast in all learning areas to help share teacher resources and student learning.

Teachers use the Digital Technologies curriculum to plan rich, authentic tasks. Many of these tasks are unplugged which means not using computers but allowing students to work through the same planning and thinking processes.